Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The RideOnTime experience is open for literally everyone, however a few conditions apply. You must be tall enough (regardless of your age) to reach the passenger footrest with your both feet while seated behind the driver. You cannot be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and you cannot have any physical condition (handicap or injury) that prevents you to ride a motorbike.

Time is money. Our fares represent the quality of the offered service and they are also in line with the value of your saved time in your daily schedule. Most of our customers consider that time saving and the benefits of a reduced duration (a level of stress) getting from A to B using RideOnTime outweighs the slightly higher costs of the service and it is significantly more profitable when compared to traditional transportation methods. RideOnTime guarantees the performance of a fast and reliable service arriving on time whatever the place and the schedule of your meeting or your flight. Picture yourself being able to reach the airport in maximum 30 minutes (or less) from any part of the city regardless of the traffic conditions. No more departing too early from your meeting, or skipping Q&A at the end of a workshop or presentation due to the usual time constraints.
In addition, your safety and comfort is our prime concern, that requires modern equipment, safety gear and frequent revision of our fleet (in every six-eight weeks).

Within the city limits of Budapest we use a series of fixed prices (including peak hours and off-peak hours rates) for transparency and predictability reasons regardless of the distance travelled within the given zone. by this rationale the farther you go the more time and money you save compared to regular taxis or chauffeur services. Airport transfers are also provided on a fixed rate. If you need to reach locations outside of Budapest please contact us for a quote. These instances are subject of distance-based calculations. For more details please refer to our current rates under the “Pricing” menu.

We take cash as well as all major credit and debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. You are also welcomed to open an account with us. For more details see the “Payment” page.

Not at all, before taking-off your driver will instruct you about all the basics of being a passenger on a motorbike. Also, if you are not sure whether you would like our service you may have the option of a 5-minute demo ride completely free of charge giving you a taste of the experience. Then you can decide whether you want to use RideOnTime or not.
Please note that this feature requires pre-booking too and is based on availability. It also has lower priorities if there is a potential conflict with an already booked journey.

Absolutely, you can dress as you would normally. Wear whatever you would to stay comfortable if standing outside for 5 minutes at the time you are travelling. For more details see the “Clothing” page.

Yes, from top to toe. For more details see the “Clothing” page.

Just like when you travel with a traditional taxi, you do not have to take any precautions to use our service. We provide you with all the necessary equipment and instructions to make you feel perfectly comfortable and safe (mandatory: helmet, jacket, gloves, optional: rain gear and a protective apron to keep you warm and dry. You are guaranteed to reach your destination in an impeccable state. Your only worry should lie with your hair style.

It all depends on your hair style. Wearing of the helmet, a mandatory piece of your safety gear, does not guarantee lasting sophisticated hairstyles.

All our equipment (jacket, apron, gloves, helmet) are regularly cleaned with viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectants. In addition, the helmet’s internal hygiene is guaranteed by fabric head-covers that are replaced after each use. Furthermore, before each trip the driver will provide you with a standard hydro-alcoholic gel to wash your hands (obligatory before putting the gloves on). Optionally face masks are also available for you should you worry about the quality of air while on the move.

Yes of course. Once on the motorcycle you will be provided with an apron covering your legs and feet discretely.

For safety reasons in case of heavy thunder storms and torrential conditions we might suspend our service temporarily. During regular rain, we will offer you the appropriate equipment (raincoat, helmet, gloves and waterproof apron for your legs). The clothing we provide you is enough to stay warm and dry whatever the weather is (except for vis mayor conditions).

Due to seasonal conditions and for safety reasons, RideOnTime provides its services from March till November. We are prepared to tackle any extremities in terms of ambient temperature during these months and to keep you warm during your trip. We achieve this by donning you the necessary additional layers of protective gear.

The bike can carry quite a lot both on the custom-made rear luggage rack and in the side panniers. Standard sized carry-on suitcase, laptop case, handbag, purse, camera bag, backpack you name it. We can fit them all. For more details please refer to the “Luggage” page.

No, we carry waterproof covers for items strapped to the luggage rack.

Our normal trading hours are Monday to Friday 06:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Yes, but please be advised that an additional premium will be charged for such instances. For more details see our current rates.

Absolutely yes! You can book a motorbike for any duration that pleases you (1h, 2h, half a day (4h), a full day (8h) or even for several days). For more information and details please contact us.

If you have made booking online or via phone, our rider will be waiting for you at the exit of the station or the airport.
Alternatively, You can also call us during your flight or upon your arrival, but due to capacity reasons we cannot guarantee you an immediate assistance. We strongly recommend booking in advance.

In case of delay, call us as soon as possible at +36-30-318-9328 or drop us an email so that we could modify your booking. We can also monitor the status of your flight real time and adjust our schedule accordingly.

Even though we operate our service in and around Budapest and Pest county, we are also opened to meet other needs, covering most of Hungary.

We do our best to minimise your waiting time, however due to current capacity limitations we may not be able to help you. But it’s always worth a try.

The more notice you give the better, normally we need at least 60 minutes notice (based on availability) but it’s always worth calling at the last minute.

Our mission is to bring you to your destination safely while entirely respecting the traffic rules.

Of course, You and your properties are well covered during your trip with RideOnTime, and we’re also licensed by the National Transport Authority. For more details see the “services” page.

Yes, your safety is our prime concern. For more details please see the “Home” page.

We have done all in our capacity to ensure that you will be as safe as possible on our bikes, starting from the custom-made passenger back-rest all the way to the protective clothing, to the abs system and to our licenced and regularly evaluated riders.

Yes, the helmet integrated intercom system allows two-way communication between you and your rider. For more details please see the “Services” page.

Yes, your helmet-integrated intercom system can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, thus allowing you to keep in touch with your business partners while on the move. The onboard free and unlimited Wi-Fi is also to serve your convenience. For more details see the “Services/Intercom/phone” page.

We use one of the world’s most renowned sports-touring bike, the Yamaha FJR 1300 with ABS, Unified Braking System and adjustable suspension. Its slickest design in its category makes it an excellent choice for manoeuvring in congested streets and filtering through dense traffic. Its powerful engine offers great accelerations (if needed), and several compartments can carry hand luggage, a bag and a laptop. For more details see the “Services/bike” page.


Please contact us by e-mail at or call us at +36 30 318 9328