Ride On Time

Our high-level service is primarily geared towards companies that are keen on providing an efficient and unique mean of transport for their various collaborators, senior managers and leaders. It is also tailored for those who value their time more than having it wasted by being stuck in traffic over and over again for whatever reason (business, personal, leisure). RideOnTime offers primarily trips to business meetings, commuting cruises and airport runs but we are open to literally any scenario when people need to move around in and around Budapest efficiently, safely and stress-free while also having a fun and exhilarating time.

Cutting journey times considerably compared to regular taxi or chauffeur services, we guarantee that you will arrive at your destination invigorated and on time for your meeting or flight.

Taking the frustration and worry out of moving around Budapest is our specialty and our aim is simple: getting you from A to B quickly, comfortably and above all safely. We also facilitate sightseeing and other, more touristic aspects for those who are too busy to dive into exploring the city or the country-side but are equally eager to grab the essence of what Budapest – or Hungary for that matter –offers. This service can also be enjoyed as a novelty for weddings or event days as well. We operate our service in and around Budapest and Pest county but we are also open to meet other needs, covering most of Hungary.